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Re: RE: word-question

Am 28.06.2002 23:40:55, schrieb "DloraH" <>:

>> i'd like to know, how do you say "stalker" in klingon?
>In what context?  How is it being used?

DamughlaHbe'chugh vaj yIDel.
nuq 'oS *stalker*?
If you cannot translate it, just describe it.
What is a "stalker" exactly?

chaq wamwI' 'oH, chaq tlha'wI' 'oH.
It can be a hunter, or maybe someone who follows you.

rut tlha'wI' quvHa' rur *stalker*, 'ej rut wamwI' po' 'oH.
You could say "follower without honor" (if the person is bugging you), or maybe it's a "skilled hunter".

chay' mu'vetlh Dalo' DaneH?
How do you want to use that word?


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