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Re: RE: word-question

lab SuStel:

>From: "Stephan Schneider" <>
>>  i find it
>>  strange that okrand invented so many tools to cast from noun to verb,
>>  from verb to noun an so on, but there is nothing to cast from noun do
>>  adverb. hm...
>Keep in mind that Klingon linguists do not classify adverbs as a separate
>type of word.  Adverbials fall under the classification of /chuvmey/, along
>with conjunctions, exclamations, pronouns, numbers, and so on.  Don't expect
>tools to "convert" between adverbials and nouns or verbs.
>It would seem that a number of verbs have "migrated" over to adverbials
>through the development of the language, including /Do'/ and /motlh/ (maybe
>others I'm not thinking of offhand).  And at least one noun: /batlh/.  Maybe
>it went the other way, I don't know.  But that's about the extent of it; if
>you don't have an adverbial to say what you want, try to find another way to
>say it.




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