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RE: Ten Commandments

lab DloraH:

>  > >13. yIHoHQo'.
>>  This is a definite (and unfortunately very common) KJV-ism.  The correct
>>  English translation is "You will not murder."  My grasp of the grammatical
>>  implications of Biblical Hebrew isn't strong enough to be able to state
>>  that the lack of imperative in the original deserves to be mirrored in a
>>  Klingon translation, but the word {HoH} is definitely wrong.  The
>>  prefix is
>>  wrong as well, as these are all addressed to the assembled multitude.
>>    pechotQo' (or, just maybe, Suchotbe')
>rut chot mu' lo'lu', 'ej pIj mu' lulo'lu'bogh vIqel.  ra'ta' Qun, ghIq

is there a "lu(')" too much in "lulo'lu'bogh"?

>vIqvaD HoH; vIqvaD HoHlu'chugh chotbe'lu' 'e' lajmo' nugh law', Qap mu'vam.
>I have heard "murder" used a couple times, and have often wondered about
>this, considering how later they do kill in war, and since most cultures
>don't consider killing in war to be murder this works out.

nughDajmo', HoHbogh ghaH chotwI''e'.
(who kills due to his society (because his society tells him to kill) 
is a murderer.)

batlhDajmo', HoHbogh ghaH SuvwI''e'.
(who kills due to his honor (because his honor tells him to kill) is 
a warrior.)

not chot SuvwI'. chot mang.
(a warrior never murders. a soldier does.)

this is my brain storming due to "pechotQo'".


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