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Re: RE: word-question

> mu' "stalker" Hech Sovbejbe'.
> (i'm not sure of the meaning of stalker.)
since {Hech} is the object of what you know, you need the prefix for "I-it":

{-bej} means "defenitely", to emphasise that you are sure about what you
{vISovbe'bej} "I definitely do not know it"
{vISovbejbe'} "I do not definitely know it"

I think it's better to use {-chu'} "clearly, perfectly":
{vISovchu'be'} "I do not exactly know it"

another possibility is {yaj} "understand":
{vIyajchu'be'} "I do not perfectly understand it"
This is what I usually use.

> "movie" vIparHa'qu'bogh pong 'oH.
> (as i posted before, it's the title of a film (that i liked very much).)
"it is the name of the movie which I very like"
Sounds correct to me.

> "movie"vetlhDaq yoSDaq, yItwI' yepbogh.
Where is the main verb?
I understand
"in an area at that movie, walker which is careful."

> (in that film a stalker is a person which moves carefully in the "zone".)
so it's "a careful walker", {yItwI' yep}
or "a careful one which walks" {yItbogh yepwI'}
(I will leave the rest to others)

> BTW: How do you say "in that film"?
Not at all, klingons don't watch movies ;-)
I think that's the same case as "in a language".
{-Daq} is locative, and a movie is not a location.

> yoSDaq DuH Hoch, 

> 'ej pa', Qob yItghach.
no. :-)
AFAIK, {-ghach} can only be added to a verb if there is another suffix.
(otherwise it would be too easy! :-)
Klingon is very "verb-based", so try to say it using a verb.
e.g. "it is dangerous if you walk in the zone"

> (the "zone" is a place where everything is possible, and it's 
> dangergous to walk there.)

> the stalker guides a zone tourist to a place in the zone where you 
> can make a wish that will come true. it's strictly forbidden to enter 
> the zone, so the stalker risks to get caught (anyway, once entered 
> into the zone, no police officer follows him, as it's too dangerous 
> for them). the stalker does this job for money, but it's somehow more 
> important to him to be in the zone itself. i think he grew up there.

Dajlaw'. nuq 'oH lutvam pong'e'? DaH jIqaw, *stalker* 'oH. *Germany*Daq
rap'a' pongvam? not lutvam vIlegh.
sounds interesting. What's the name of... oh, yes, "stalker". Is that also
the german name? I never heard of it.


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