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RE: ? about a word.

>> The example on page 69 of TKD shows that the subject of {So'} hides
>> itself, not something else.
> I don't have my TKD with me right now so I don't know the example 
> mentioned, but I know we have {So'wI'} - cloaking device. This 
> suggests to me that the subject hides an object (ie: a ship).

: While I don't have the direct quotes with me, I have {So'} as being used 
: both transitively and intransitively, just like in English. I hide. I 
: hide your present. The citations I have for it are:
:   TKD word list
:   TKW page 182
:   TKD page 69
:   HolQeD vol 8, no 4, page 12
: Anyone who would like to check out those sources could easily resolve 
: this.

That's my cue... 

  nuqDaq So'taH yaS 
  Where is the officer hiding? TKD 

  Prepare to cloak. ST5 

  HIvmeH Duj So'lu'
  A ship cloaks in order to attack. TKW 

  "It is also appropriate to say {Duj So'} (He/she cloaks the ship)
   or {Duj So'lu'pu'} (The ship is cloaked; literally, 'Someone or
   something has cloaked the ship')." (KGT 54f) 

  "The challenged party may agree to the duel by answering {vISo'be'}
   ("I don't hide it") or the lengthier {qabwIj vISo'be'} ("I don't
   hide my face"). This person is said to {'angchu'} ("show clearly"),
   the usual shorthand way of saying {qabDaj 'angchu'} ("He/she shows
   his/her face clearly")." (KGT 69)

Presumably {So'Ha'} "uncloak" works the same way, although we have fewer

  cha yIghuS. So'Ha'! 
  [Arm torpedoes. Uncloak!] ST3 (untranslated)

  yISo'Ha'rup, yIghuS. 
  Stand by to de-cloak for firing. ST5 

If our attestations are representative, it appears that {So'} "hide, conceal,
cloak" usually takes an object, but doesn't have to (i.e. it's one of those
transitive verbs that can also be used intransitively).

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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