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Re: Klingon WOTD: tlhatlh (n)

>> Klingon word:   tlhatlh
>> Part of Speech: noun
>> Definition:     [gladst]
>> Additional Notes:
>> KGT.  A type of food.

"T. J. Harrington":
> gladst? Please elaborate.  Is gladst a type of food or
> is tlhatlh, a type of food?
Russ Perry Jr:
: Normally "Definition:" would be the English word that
: "Klingon word:" is associated with/equals.  But since
: "tlhatlh" is a Klingon dish with no English equivalent,
: even English speakers would use the Klingon word --
: but, they would pronounce it in an English way, which
: sounds like "gladst".  The same way a Klingon calls
: themself a "tlhingan", but we call them "Klingon",
: we would say "gladst" where a Klingon would say "tlhatlh"
: (unless of course we're trying to speak Klingon, in
: which case we would say "tlhatlh" as best we could).

Another Trek example is {qagh}, a dish (i.e. "type of food") which is known in
the Federation as *gagh* - with a G - perhaps because it's easier for Terrans
to pronounce.  (BTW in next week's ENTERPRISE we'll get to see the first
contact between humans and gagh.)

As for what *gladst* is...

Dr Bashir once ordered some at the Klingon restaurant on DS9 ("Melora"). 
According to KGT it's usually served with {'uSu'} sauce, although some people -
like Bashir - prefer it without.

"Star Trek: Klingon!" (KCD) described it as: "A dish native to the original
inhabitants of Taganika. When the Eight Houses began their rule of this sector,
all the natives from Taganika were banished to outlying planets. The Klingons,
however, adopted a number of their local dishes."

Keith R.A. DeCandido described it in his recent pro-novel _Diplomatic
Implausibility_ as:  "Food made from brown leaves, best served without sauce."

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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