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RE: ? about a word.

> "Schrodinger's Cat"  qel. QubmeH SengHom noy 'oH.

Dochvam vISovbe'.

tej jIHbe', 'ach vIqaw 'ej vIDel 'e' vIHech:
tej ghaH Schrödinger'e'. 'otlh QeD DaSovchugh, chaq latlh tej DaSov je:
Heisenberg. jatlhlaw' Heisenberg:
<<'otlhHey (subatomic particle?) DaHotlhpa', Dotlhna'Daj (lurgh, Daq, Do,
etc.) DaSovlaHbe'. ngugh Dotlhna' tu'lu'be'. quqlaw' Hoch Dotlh DuH.
'a 'otlhHey DaHotlhDI', chenchoH wa' Dotlhna'.>>
ngervammo', ja'law' Schrödinger:
<<chay' quqlaH Hoch Dotlh DuH jay'??
ngaSwI'Daq vIghro' vIlanchugh, 'ej ngaSwI'vamDaq 50 vatlhvI' tar*
vIlanchugh, ngaSwI'vam Dotlh vIHotlhpa', quq'a' Heghbogh vIghro', yInbogh
vIghro' je jay'??>>

* Poison that is lethal 50% of the time - this is a simplified tlhIngan Hol
version. :-P
vaj ngervam taQ 'oS {Schrödinger's Cat} - quqlaHlaw' Hegh yIn je, Dotlh
tu'pa' ghot.
As for the translation of the ship name, remember that "Enterprise" in
Klingon became simply {'entepray'}.
So perhaps Federation ship names are just transliterated into Klingon -
maybe they'd use something that sounds like "Schrödinger's Cat", such as
*{So'DInger qat}.
Or, if the Klingons are familiar with this thought experiment, they may
describe the ship by referring to it by the phrases that have already been
suggested on the list.
- taD

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