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RE: ? about a word.

While I don't have the direct quotes with me, I have {So'} as being used 
both transitively and intransitively, just like in English. I hide. I hide your 
present. The citations I have for it are:

TKD word list
TKW page 182
TKD page 69
HolQeD vol 8, no 4, page 12

Anyone who would like to check out those sources could easily resolve 


> > "Schrodinger's Cat"  qel. QubmeH SengHom noy 'oH.
> Dochvam vISovbe'.
> > The example on page 69 of TKD shows that the subject of So' hides
> > itself, not something else.
> I don't have my TKD with me right now so I don't know the example 
> but I know we have So'wI' - cloaking device.  This suggests to me that 
> subject hides an object (ie: a ship).
> DloraH

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