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Re: Klingon chat rooms?

Firstly there is a Hol yahoo group called Klingon_Language  (found at: ) which being a Yahoo group
obviously has it's own chat room for members..  Just subscribe to join.. The
next thing is to arrange a time to meet someone or maybe several .. It
currently has 120 subscribers and the group have openly offered their chat
room in the past... There is a problem with cross Atlantic chats as I know
to my peril.. I have to get up a 2 in the morning to meet up at KSF chats..
maybe we can meet up there some time.

As it's through Yahoo if you have microphone and speakers you can even chat

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Subject: Re: Klingon chat rooms?

> >Unfortunately we currently have no MUSH or other chat room.   I
> >agree that this is what we need to promote fluency in the language.
> >are so many applications available to do this that I don't know why we
> >don't have it.  I have written to Lawrence more than once urging him to
> >make restoration of the MUSH a priority.
> Ok... could you make an announcement on the list when it's back up? I'm
> very curious to see what MUSH is about. And maybe we could (also) start
> another chatroom somewhere else? As you say, there are plenty of options.
> >My telephone number is in the KLI directory.  Anyone who would like to
> >speak real time Klingon -- perhaps you have one of those long distance
> >plans with unlimited minutes at certain times of day, or you have some
> >minutes to use up -- please e-mail me to arrange a time, and then I will
> >be happy to converse with you.  My first few Klingon conversations were
> >telephone, although the one relayed via a digital answering machine went
> >poorly.
> Well that is not an option for me, sadly, seeing as I am from the
> Netherlands. (any other Dutch folk on this list btw??) Shame.
> Dum'er

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