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Re: Klingon chat rooms?

>Unfortunately we currently have no MUSH or other chat room.   I completely 
>agree that this is what we need to promote fluency in the language.  There 
>are so many applications available to do this that I don't know why we 
>don't have it.  I have written to Lawrence more than once urging him to 
>make restoration of the MUSH a priority.

Ok... could you make an announcement on the list when it's back up? I'm 
very curious to see what MUSH is about. And maybe we could (also) start 
another chatroom somewhere else? As you say, there are plenty of options.

>My telephone number is in the KLI directory.  Anyone who would like to 
>speak real time Klingon -- perhaps you have one of those long distance 
>plans with unlimited minutes at certain times of day, or you have some 
>minutes to use up -- please e-mail me to arrange a time, and then I will 
>be happy to converse with you.  My first few Klingon conversations were by 
>telephone, although the one relayed via a digital answering machine went 

Well that is not an option for me, sadly, seeing as I am from the 
Netherlands. (any other Dutch folk on this list btw??) Shame.


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