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Re: Klingon chat rooms?

Dum'er said:

I was really wondering if anybody knows any 
chatrooms on the Internet where Klingon is spoken?? 
An ICQ search for users interested in Klingon also 
didn't give very good results.
I just think it would be really good for me (or anybody else learning the 
language) to be able to try to have actual live conversations in tlhIngan 
Hol, and not just translate pieces of text back and forth. Plus, it would 
be nice to be able to talk to some fellow Klingonists. :) Does anybody have 
any tips?

In the past, I used the MUSH a little before it stopped working. Although it
served the purpose of a tlhIngan Hol chat in real time, to me it seemed
somewhat complicated for such a simple task. In my opinion, a good tlhIngan
Hol chat program would just need to show the name of the people who are
online, and let you type what you want to say to them. With the MUSH, you
would have to go to the same virtual room as the person, which wasn't easy
to find if you were just a beginner. The MUSH seemed fine if you were
familiar with MUSHes already, but for people whose only interest in it was
using tlhIngan Hol, it seemed overly complex and intimidating to me.
I generally don't use IRC, but I do have ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger
installed on my computer. So if you (or anyone else) want to practice
speaking the language and use one of those programs, feel free to send me a
ICQ User ID:  7622618
AIM screenname: TadStauffer
Another suggestion, if you can't find Klingon speakers online (or you want
to go to the "next level" of real time chat), would be to host your own
qepHom, or attend the qep'a'.
- taD

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