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RE: 'e' with a to be verb

> Can you use to be verbs on 'e'?

It's a good thing you included examples.  :P

> For example:
> Person 1: loS ben USADaq jIpaw ( I arrived in the USA 4 years ago)
> Person 2: 'e' nI'qu' vIQub ( I think that's a very long time)
> Or
> Person 1: may'Daq jIHeghbe' ( I didn't die in the battle)
> Person 2: 'e' QaQ vISov ( I know that's good)

In both of these, in the english, "that" is acting as a subject.  In the
klingon, 'e' is sitting in the object's place, and that is the only place it
can be.

Also, the place at which you are arriving is the direct object of paw.
USA vIpaw - I arrive at the USA
DujDaq jIpaw - I arrived on a ship
DujDaq USA vIpaw - I arrived at the USA on a ship.

DloraH, BG

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