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Re: juH chu' vIDabchoH

>> > > mI'Daq qaS'a' vay'?

ja' Sangqar:
>But {Daq} is also a noun meaning 'site', which we have seen used in
>{QongDaq}, which seems to be a compound word literally meaning 'sleep-site'.

It *seems* to be a compound word, but there's no general way to compound a
verb with a noun.  This might be a contraction of a longer phrase like
{QongmeH Daq}.

>  This is what I thought of when I read both the original sentence and
>PeHruS's question, especially since 'at the number' doesn't make much sense
>in the context of Lawrence joining a gym, whereas 'exercise-site' does.

You have your contexts crossed.  This was a response not to Lawrence's
exercising, but to charghwI', his need to name the house in which he now
resides, and the two interpretations he was pondering based on whether
{Daq} was a noun or a verb.  I gave another one in which it was a noun
suffix.  The "sensicalness" of the interpretation isn't a problem -- after
all, a location does not generally do calisthenics, nor does one often
eavesdrop a number.

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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