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RE: "webpage"


: (I fought for ten minutes to try and find a suitable Klingon  
: circumlocution for "webpage" - I failed. {{:)


> On its own webpage the KLI uses *{juHDaq}.  
> I've also seen *{juH HaSta} and *{juHqoq} on this list.

> We need to ask Maltz more about Klingon {De'wI' patmey}.  
> As a science officer, he should be familiar with the vocabulary.

The problem with computer vocabulary is that the computers Maltz is familiar with are vastly more advanced than what we have today, and probably also somewhat different in purpose and fucntion. Maltz would probably just shake his head when confronted with such primitive things as "web pages". That's no reason not to ask, but many of the specifics of current technology will probably never make it into tlhIngan Hol.


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