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Re: More puns in new vocab

From: "Steven Boozer" <>
> : It looks like vIlInHoD is the word going into the new version of the
> : chorghvo' 'ay'mey!  chorghvo' 'ay'mey!
> "From eight sections"?  nuqjatlh?!

Clearly, he's trying for "pieces of eight," something a pirate's parrot
might cry out.

The problem (aside from the likelihood that "pieces of eight" isn't
separable) is that this violates the rule in TKD 3.4 that says you can't put
a Type 5 noun suffix on the first noun in a noun-noun construction.
"Sections from eight" is not a valid formation in Klingon.

According to, "In the American colonies, there was no
standard currency. The coin that was in widest use was the Spanish Peso,
known also as "Pieces of Eight" because it could be divided into eight
pie-like pieces."

So pieces of eight are pesos.  It probably doesn't help to have a parrot
squawking /*peso*mey/!

Unless you translate the currency as well as the language, you're forced to
say /chorgh 'ay'mey/, which really means "eight sections."

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