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Re: More puns in new vocab

Jeremy Silver:
> While we are on the subject of Parrots, anyone would think that this sudden
> influx of avian vocabulary is a subtle hint to get me to rewrite the
> restored Klingon version of the Dead Parrot Sketch
>   [...]
> Just updated my word list and the 'uSgheb and vIlInHoD puns just hit me
> squarely between the eyes.  le' 'oy' jay'.

"{gheb} leg"?  "Captain Villain?"  I don't see the puns here -- but then, I was
never a particular fan of Monty Python.  

: It looks like vIlInHoD is the word going into the new version of the sketch.
: chorghvo' 'ay'mey!  chorghvo' 'ay'mey!

"From eight sections"?  nuqjatlh?!

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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