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Re: More puns in new vocab

On 21-Jan-02, David Trimboli wrote:
> From: "Tad Stauffer" <>
>> {'uSgheb} is described as similar to a rooster, only more fierce. With
>> that
>> in mind, take a look at the new words list at the KLI site, using the
>> "sort
>> by date added" list. Right below {'uSgheb} is the word {gheb}. Now try to
>> break down the bird's name again. :-)
> Foghorn Leghorn is the big rooster -- I say the big rooster -- with the
> southern accent.

Ah say, Ah say, the mans got it!
Figured with all the 'toon references, other, ah say, other folks would have got it before me.

Now before guys here get on my back over the lack of Hol content I will
recloak and vamoose. beep beep!

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