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Re: [KLBC] some more questions

> Keep on forgetting about ngaS. ngaS is used for "to contain something 
> inside something else."  It does not have the abstract meaning.  

: Do you have canon to support this statement?  My TKD
: says {ngaS} = "contain (have inside)". Close enough to
: your gloss above, I guess, but where does it say that
: it can't have an abstract meaning?

Here's what I have in my notes about {ngaS} "contain (have inside)":

  jagh lucharghlu'ta'bogh HuH ghopDu'lIj lungaSjaj!
  May the bile of the vanquished fill your hands! PK

  bIQ ngaS HIvje'
  The cup contains water
  (idiom: "be quite mistaken, be totally wrong") KGT

  bIQ ngaS HIvje'lIj
  Your cup contains water (i.e. "You're all wrong"). KGT 

  yoq yIn yuQ 'oH Qo'noS'e'. yInSIp voQSIp je ngaS muDDaj. 
  Qo'noS is a class-M planet with an oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere. S27

When asked about {bav} "orbit", Okrand said, "You don't need a {-Daq}. Just use
whatever it is that you are orbiting." When subsequently asked about {ngaS},
Okrand said, "Same thing." (IMO, HQ 7.4)

Cf. {buy'} "be full, be filled up" and {naQ} "be full, be whole, be entire". 
Transitive verbs include {teb} "fill" and {ghod} "stuff".  Use {Sev} for
"contain (an enemy)".

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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