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Re: maximum & minimum

> Do we have anything for "minimum" or "at least"?

: We do, also from the BOP poster:
:   Hung buv rav: patlh Hut 
:   classified level 9 and above 
:   (lit. "security classification floor: level/layer nine")
: Okrand seems to be using {rav} "floor" in a extended sense.  

By pure coincidence, I've just now accessioned a new book:

  Raise the floor: wages and policies that work for all of us / 
  Holly Sklar, Laryssa Mykyta, Susan Wefald.  New York: Ms. 
  Foundation for Women, c2001. (ISBN 0971082200)

The "floor" of the title refers to the minimum wage.

Steven L. Boozer
University of Chicago Library

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