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RE: [KLBC] 4 more questions...

> "I am writing this because I need to practice my Klingon."
> tlhIngan HolwIj vIqeqnISmo' 'oH vIghItlhlI'.
> But it raised a few questions for me...
> 1) 'oH is "it"... how can I say "I am writing THIS"?

One way, ghItlh is also the noun "manuscript".
ghItlhvam vIghItlh.

Or, in a recent HolQeD Qanqor wrote an interesting artical where he
suggested the use of 'oHvam.  (Sep 2000)

> 2) Could I also use just "tlhIngan" instead of "tlhIngan Hol" when
> referring to the Klingon language ("Klingon")?

Nope.  tlhIngan Hol

> the -wIj is placed correctly this way right?

It is placed correctly, but I don't think it needs to be there.

> 4) Can I use -Daq with things like the Internet? ("there are not many
> Klingons on the Internet") Or must it really be a real, touchable
> location?

-Daq is supposed to be a "real" location.  Many here have used it for ciber
locations, just as we do with english.  I haven't seen any complaints about
using it in reference to the internet.

DloraH, BG

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