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RE: KLBC: "New York"Daq lengwIj

> qaStaHvIS "December", "New York"Daq maghIQ jIH jupwI''e' QaQ law'
> Hoch QaQ puS je.
> In December, my best friend and I took a vacation in New York.

Your english makes no mention of the law'/puS phrase.  Does jupwI' have the
suffix -'e' on it or is that supposed to be the pronoun 'e' for the
law'/puS?  I don't think we've ever seen 'e' in a law'/puS.  TKD says that
'e' is always treated as the object of the verb, but in the law'/puS it is
not an object.

> qaSpa' lengvam, not vengvetlhDaq majaH.
> Before this trip, we'd never been to that city.

{...-Daq majaH} means you are in/on the thing and are "going".  To go TO a
place, you need to put the place as the direct object of jaH.
not vengvetlh wIjaH.

bIQtIqDaq jIjaH - I am in the river, moving along, going (somewhere)
bIQtIq vIjaH - I am going TO the river.

> Duj vItIjvIpbe', 'ach "airport"Daq negh law' tu'lu', 'ej
> nuHmeychajmo' jIbIt.
> I wasn't afraid to get on the plane, but there were a lot of
> soldiers at the airport, and their machine guns made me nervous.


> Dun veng.  Dochvam vIqawchu': pumtaHvIS Hov'a', "Central Park"Daq
> The city was wonderful.  I remember this very clearly: One
> evening, we were walking in Central Park.

I understood {pumtaHvIS Hov'a'}, but just in case you didn't come across it,
we have choS "twilight" (n).
choS Central Park-Daq mayIttaH

> malengtaH neH.  Hurgh, SuD, 'ej 'IH 'engmey.
> We were just wandering.  The clouds were dark, blue, and beautiful.

When I read the klingon I didn't realize it was the clouds that were dark.
Because it was evening, I thought it was the whole sky that was dark.
In klingon it's not out of place to repeat the nouns.

> ngengDaq jatlhtaH bo'Deghmey; 'IQlaw'taH.
> The birds on the lake were calling, seeming sad.

Using jatlh for animals doesn't seem right.  But I admit at the moment I
can't think of anything else.  Maybe jach.

> Hovmey ghommey rurtaH qach tInmey.
> The [lights in the windows of the] skyscrapers were like constellations.

I understood it.

> Dochvam vIqaw je:
> I also remember this:

"thing"?  How about wanI'?

> "Times Square"Daq Duj matIjHa',
> We stepped off the bus onto Times Square,

Watch your prefix.  Duj wItIjHa'.

> 'ej ghotpu' bIQteqDaq mapum.
> and fell into a river of people.

bIQtIqDaq; I, not e.

> wovqu' jIHmey.  jach vay': "ey!  petlhe' 'ej maHvaD peqIm, Hoch!"
> The video screens were so bright.  Someone shouted: "HEY!
> Everybody turn around and pay attention to us!"

Why did they say this?

> 'ej Dochvam vIqaw: "Financial District"Daq maH.
> And I remember this: We were in the financial district.

"thing" again.
yoS - "area, district (n)"
HuchQeD - "economics" (KGT p148)

> qach tInmey qamDu', Hurgh.
> At the feet of the skyscrapers, it was dark.

I don't think klingons associate the base of buildings and mountains with
"feet".  Plus you didn't put a -Daq on them.
Maybe  pIrmuS - bottom, altho technically you're refering to the area next
to the bottom.

> ghewHommey DIrur.
> We were like tiny insects.

Remember, -'a' and -Hom don't necessarily mean "big" and "small".
ghewmey mach DIrur.

> wa' DaqDaq chal wIleghlaH.  DI wIleghlaHbe', 'ach tlhIch wIlarghlaH.
> There was only one place where we could see the sky.  We couldn't
> see the rubble, but we could smell the smoke.


> batlh "New York" vIqaw.
> I will remember New York with honor.


Minor errors.  You were certainly understandable.

DloraH, BG

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