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RE: [KLBC] some more questions

> I wanted to respond to what u said here.

All I said was "Have you read KGT and TKW?".  Not sure how this fits in with
your question.

> From whatI
> have heard others sayinstead of saying Klingoneese
> they call the Klingon Languaage just Klingon. Plez
> understand I'm not correcting anyone a very good ? has
> been raised.  So my question to my comment is do u say
> they r speaking Klingon, or  do u say they r speaking
> klingoneese?  If it is the latter then it might b the
> reason we place Hol on the end of tlhIngan.

Klingoneese is how most refer to the "dialect" created by John Ford.
ta' Hol refers to what Okrand gives us.
tlhIngan Hol is how you refer to the Klingon language, any dialect.

tlhIngan - a race of people
tlhIngan Hol - the language used by that race.

DloraH, BG

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