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KLBC: "New York"Daq lengwIj

qaStaHvIS "December", "New York"Daq maghIQ jIH jupwI''e' QaQ law' Hoch QaQ 
puS je.  qaSpa' lengvam, not vengvetlhDaq majaH.

Duj vItIjvIpbe', 'ach "airport"Daq negh law' tu'lu', 'ej nuHmeychajmo' jIbIt.

Dun veng.  Dochvam vIqawchu': pumtaHvIS Hov'a', "Central Park"Daq mayIttaH.  
malengtaH neH.  Hurgh, SuD, 'ej 'IH 'engmey.  ngengDaq jatlhtaH bo'Deghmey; 
'IQlaw'taH.  Hovmey ghommey rurtaH qach tInmey.

Dochvam vIqaw je: "Times Square"Daq Duj matIjHa', 'ej ghotpu' bIQteqDaq 
mapum.  wovqu' jIHmey.  jach vay': "ey!  petlhe' 'ej maHvaD peqIm, Hoch!"

'ej Dochvam vIqaw: "Financial District"Daq maH.  qach tInmey qamDu', Hurgh.  
ghewHommey DIrur.  wa' DaqDaq chal wIleghlaH.  DI wIleghlaHbe', 'ach tlhIch 

batlh "New York" vIqaw.

In English:

In December, my best friend and I took a vacation in New York.  Before this 
trip, we'd never been to that city.

I wasn't afraid to get on the plane, but there were a lot of soldiers at the 
airport, and their machine guns made me nervous.

The city was wonderful.  I remember this very clearly: One evening, we were 
walking in Central Park.  We were just wandering.  The clouds were dark, 
blue, and beautiful.  The birds on the lake were calling, seeming sad.  The 
[lights in the windows of the] skyscrapers were like constellations.

I also remember this: We stepped off the bus onto Times Square, and fell into 
a river of people.  The video screens were so bright.  Someone shouted: "HEY! 
 Everybody turn around and pay attention to us!"

And I remember this: We were in the financial district.  At the feet of the 
skyscrapers, it was dark.  We were like tiny insects.  There was only one 
place where we could see the sky.  We couldn't see the rubble, but we could 
smell the smoke.

I will remember New York with honor.


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