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RE: [KLBC] some more questions

I wanted to respond to what u said here.  From whatI
have heard others sayinstead of saying Klingoneese
they call the Klingon Languaage just Klingon. Plez
understand I'm not correcting anyone a very good ? has
been raised.  So my question to my comment is do u say
they r speaking Klingon, or  do u say they r speaking
klingoneese?  If it is the latter then it might b the
reason we place Hol on the end of tlhIngan.  Of course
this is just my opinion.  I am more than happy to b
corrected.  Thanx T'Anna Kirk.
--- TPO <> wrote:
> > The only sticking point is that, as far as I know,
> we don't have 
> > very much information on the metaphorical
> structure of Klingon, 
> > ... It would be helpful to have 
> > some guidance from Okrand on whether this is even
> remotely correct.
> Have you read KGT and TKW?
> DloraH

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