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Re: KLBC: "New York"Daq lengwIj

jatlh DloraH:
>> qaStaHvIS "December", "New York"Daq maghIQ jIH jupwI''e' QaQ law'
>> Hoch QaQ puS je.
>> In December, my best friend and I took a vacation in New York.
>Your english makes no mention of the law'/puS phrase. Does jupwI' have the
>suffix -'e' on it or is that supposed to be the pronoun 'e' for the
>law'/puS? I don't think we've ever seen 'e' in a law'/puS. TKD says that
>'e' is always treated as the object of the verb, but in the law'/puS it is
>not an object.

I had a feeling that wasn't right, but I gave it a shot anyway.  My intended 
meaning, as with the English, was "my best friend".  I got {jupwI' QaQ law' 
Hoch QaQ puS} "my friend is the best", and then put the -'e' onto jupwI' in 
an attempt to indicate that it's my friend whom I'm talking about -- "my 
friend, who is the best".  Perhaps law'/puS can't be used that way.  Or if it 
can, maybe I needed a relative clause marker.

Now that I think about it, I probably should have just said {jup QaQqu'wI'}.

>> ngengDaq jatlhtaH bo'Deghmey; 'IQlaw'taH.
>> The birds on the lake were calling, seeming sad.
>Using jatlh for animals doesn't seem right. But I admit at the moment I
>can't think of anything else. Maybe jach.

I wanted to indicate that they weren't calling loudly, just in a "normal tone 
of voice" (or whatever the animal equivalent would be).

>> wovqu' jIHmey. jach vay': "ey! petlhe' 'ej maHvaD peqIm, Hoch!"
>> The video screens were so bright. Someone shouted: "HEY!
>> Everybody turn around and pay attention to us!"
>Why did they say this?

jISovchu'be'.  mamoD neH jupwI', vaj jachwI' vIleghchu'be'.  He was one of 
many people competing for the attention of the passersby.  Some were 
entertainers hoping for spare change, some were trying to attract customers 
to shops.

>> qach tInmey qamDu', Hurgh.
>> At the feet of the skyscrapers, it was dark.
>I don't think klingons associate the base of buildings and mountains with
>"feet". Plus you didn't put a -Daq on them.
>Maybe pIrmuS - bottom, altho technically you're refering to the area next
>to the bottom.

Hm.  Let me try saying it a bit differently:

chal SIch qachmey; HuDmey rur bIH.  'ej ngechmeyDaq Hurgh.

The buildings reached the sky, like mountains.  And in the valleys, it was 


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