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Re: KLBC: was: RE: More puns in new vocab/moq/new

ja' "T. J. Harrington" <>:
>       -vaD     tungHa'      .  jIH ghaj           bI
>Thanks for  the encouragement.  I   have been with you
>loDHompu         Hogh je   bID.   jIH
>guys     about a week &  a half.  I   still will make

ghuy'cha', mughwI'qoq'e' Dalo'taHbogh SIbI' yIlo' 'e' yImev.  mu'mey qar
lIngbe', 'ej tlhIngan Hol Dayaj 'e' QaHlaHbe'bej.  pab DabuSnIS, 'ej wej
chenpu' pab Sovbogh mughwI' jan'e'.

Whatever pseudo-translation tool you're using -- don't.  It isn't coming up
with the right results, and it's sure not going to help you understand
anything people write here.  You'll have to start paying attention to the
grammar, and there aren't yet any machine translators which can do that for

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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