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Re: KLBC: was: RE: More puns in new vocab/moq/new

OK. Sorry, but I was using TKD for assistance.  I know
I need to work on my grammar.  As a matter of fact I
now have a few friends here locally who are willing to
assist me.

--- Alan Anderson <> wrote:
> ja' "T. J. Harrington" <>:
> >       -vaD     tungHa'      .  jIH ghaj          
> bI
> >Thanks for  the encouragement.  I   have been with
> you
> >
> >loDHompu         Hogh je   bID.   jIH
> >guys     about a week &  a half.  I   still will
> make
> ghuy'cha', mughwI'qoq'e' Dalo'taHbogh SIbI' yIlo'
> 'e' yImev.  mu'mey qar
> lIngbe', 'ej tlhIngan Hol Dayaj 'e' QaHlaHbe'bej. 
> pab DabuSnIS, 'ej wej
> chenpu' pab Sovbogh mughwI' jan'e'.
> Whatever pseudo-translation tool you're using --
> don't.  It isn't coming up
> with the right results, and it's sure not going to
> help you understand
> anything people write here.  You'll have to start
> paying attention to the
> grammar, and there aren't yet any machine
> translators which can do that for
> you.
> -- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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