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Re: Klingon dictionary text file


As mentioned already, we can't provide you with such a list, mostly because
of copyright laws (and if those laws didn't exist, people like Okrand
wouldn't be publishing Klingon -- or any other -- books anyway, because
they'd be ripped off all the time).

This list's Frequently Asked Questions document answers your question in

If you want to compile a list of your own, or if you simply want to have the
complete list of words available to you, you need the following:

New Canonical Klingon Words (at /tlh/newwords.html )

That's everything!

If you want the complete grammar rules, that's a little trickier.  TKD has
most of it, but Okrand has published articles that have eventually shown up
in many issues of HolQeD with new stuff in it.  There's a page at that has one person's
compilation of new Klingon grammar, though that's not "official."  It should
handle most of the new stuff pretty well, though.

paqmey lugh Daje'ta''a'?

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Subject: Klingon dictionary text file

> Does anyone have a text file of klingon english and english klingon
> dictionary translations and perhaps even synonyms and antonyms. I want to
> compile one and i was wondering if someone has already done it.  It would
> save everyone a lot of work if it has already been done.  If anyone has
> it I would appreciate a copy.

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