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QujwI' buD

From: "Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen" <>
> If there is sadness, it is the disingenuous whining and plaintive
> of those who hunger for a thing with all the attention span of a child who
> lusts for some shiny bauble only to lose all interest if it requires the
> slightest effort or if it is not immediately forthcoming.

chIch *Sunday* QujwI'pu'wI' DaDel, qar'a'?  chay' chaH DaSov?  ghorgh DaqIH?

Hoch *Sunday* maQuj, 'ej reH jatlh latlhpu': jIQuj vIneH, 'a jIQub vIneHbe'.
ngeDnIS Quj.

wejpuH.  latlh DIQujpa', Quj ngeD wIQuj 'ej QubchoH luneHchoH QujwI'.

*Sunday* vebHa' *Lord of the Rings boardgame* wIQujpa' (Qatlh Qujvetlh),
*Fluxx* wIQuj.  ngeD Qujvam.  wIQujta'DI' Qubrup QujwI'pu'.

*sigh* roD QujlaHbogh QujwI' buDHa' vIqIH vIneH.

Stardate 2004.4

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