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Re: Klingon dictionary text file

what ever happened to freedom of speech and that ancient concept of
spreading knowledge. what a sad age we live in.

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Subject: RE: Klingon dictionary text file

> > Does anyone have a text file of klingon english and english klingon
> > dictionary translations and perhaps even synonyms and antonyms. I want
> > compile one and i was wondering if someone has already done it. If
> > anyone has done it I would appreciate a copy.
> Copyright.
> > It would save everyone a lot of work if it has already been done.
> Save time, yes.  But you would gain so much more if you write it yourself.
> Most (all?) of the veterans of klingon have written their own
> When you write such a list on your own, you most likely won't remember all
> the translations, but you will have a better idea of what words do exist,
> better idea of what words to bother looking up.
> So even if we don't bring up "Copyright", the benefits of such an exercise
> are certainly worth the time and effort.
> DloraH, BG

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