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Re: naH Doq

Voragh wrote:
> >> {pa' 'elpu' vay';  vay'vetlhvaD paq vInobnIS}
> >> "Someone entered the room; I need to give the book to that someone"
> >
> > I'm not sure.  Although a little redundant, this seems fine in Klingon,

>Why do you find it redundant?  It's not uncommon for klingon to repeat the
>subject/object noun.

I quite agree:  This usage of {vay'] may well be perfectly acceptable in 
Klingon.  I rather like it, in fact.  I just meant that it feels redundant 
to repeat "someone" like this in English.  It's perfectly grammatical, but 
you're unlikely to hear it phrased quite this way, unless the usage is 
"marked" somehow for effect or the speaker is not a native.

Voragh                            "Damage control is easy. Reading 
Ca'Non Master of the Klingons      hard!"         (Montgomery Scott to 
Kirk, STIV)

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