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Re: naH Doq

> >    {pa' 'elpu' vay';  vay'vetlhvaD paq vInobnIS}
> >    "Someone entered the room; I need to give the book to that someone"
> I'm not sure.  Although a little redundant, this seems fine in Klingon,

Why do you find it redundant?  It's not uncommon for klingon to repeat the 
subject/object noun.

> >    {pa' 'elchugh vay', vaj vay'vetlh yIHoH}
> >     "If someone enters this room, kill that someone."
> Ditto.  Just {... vaj yIHoH} "then kill him/her" seems fine, unless there's 
> someone else in the room that you *don't* want to kill. 

yaS:  qama' yI'av.  pa' 'elchugh vay', yIHoH!
beq:  qama' vay'vetlh ghaq?


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