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Re: similes

Quoting Quvar valer <>:

> ghem vISopmeH loQ jIleStaHvIS QInvam vIgher.
> qagh rur SojwIj. naH Doqqu' vI'elta'.

nuqjatlh??  "I have entered red fruit/vegetable"?  

> nay'vetlh Sov Hoch 'e' vIHar.

red cabbage??

> pagh vIja' vIneH, 'ach DaH yabwIjDaq latlh De' vIlan 'e' vInID.
> <vay'> mu' vIlo'DI', vaj DIp 'oHbej, qar'a'?

reH DIp 'oHtaH <vay'>'e' net Sov.

> vaj jIjatlhchugh <vay' moH>, chaq moHbogh loD vIDel'a'?

<vay' moH> = "somebody/something ugly" can certainly mean <moHbogh loD> = "a 
man who is ugly", but it can also mean <moHbogh be'> "a woman who is ugly",  
<moHbogh Dach> "a thing which is ugly", etc.  For that matter, in context, the 
derived noun <moHwI'> "an ugly person/thing" could also mean all those things.

I'm not sure I understand your question.
Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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