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>From: Quvar valer <>
>Subject: Re: KBLC KLBC
>Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 12:47:12 +0100
>It's not KBLC, but KLBC: "Klingon Language Beginners' Conversation"
     Dyslexics of the world, untie!
     I apologize. I knew those letters were in there somewhere.
>ghItlh ngabwI':
> >jIQongtaHvIS jIvumlaH.
> >        I can do this job sleeping.
>literally "I can work while I am sleeping"
> >(I am curious if I need to use {'e'} with {jIQongtaHvIS} as the 
>You only need the pronoun {'e'} when the preceding sentence is the object 
>of the verb, as in
>     {bIQong 'e' vIlegh}
>     "I see that you sleep"
>     "You sleep; I see that"
>In your case, {jIQongtaHvIS} "while I am sleeping" is a subordinate clause. 
>TKD 6.2.2 explains:
><<<<<< Klingon verbs ending in Type 9 suffixes (other than {-'a'} 
>"interrogative" and {-wI'} "one who does, one
>which does") always occur in sentences with another verb. Hence, they are 
>verbs in subordinate clauses"
> >>>>>>
>Just as in english, the order of the two parts of the sentence is variable:
>     {jIQongtaHvIS jIvumlaH.}
>     "while I am sleeping I can work"
>     {jIvumlaH jIQongtaHvIS}
>     "I can work while I am sleeping"

       No sleep + Language study = Dumb question
       I've wanted to retract this one since the moment AFTER I hit the 
"Send" button. Thank you for your patience.
> >     potlhHom 'oH Sepvetlh'e'
> >       - "The region is of minor importance"
> >(I am questioning the use of {potlhHom} ("little important thing"?), as I 
> >not sure this is a valid translation, or that this sentence has a valid
> >translation)
>Interesting question. Your sentence is grammatically correct. Only the 
>question remains what {potlhHom} exactly
>{potlh}n. "consequential thing, something important"
>{potlhHom}n.  "minor consequential thing, something less important" (?)
>Then there should also be something {potlh'a'} "something very important"
> >Another question: Is it that I'm so new to the language, or are the 
> >of thlIngan Hol in the movies and TV just really bad?
>Oh no, those are just different dialects!  ;-)
>(that's the official explanation, of course the actors had trouble)
> >Am I listening incorrectly, or is that what he actually said?
>That's exactly what he says.
>This sounds like Morskan dialect
>    {*DIhIvlatavIS DIhIvnIS*}
>More about that in KGT p.22.
      Thank you.
>Beginners' Grammarian
>   ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH

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