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Re: two different types of object

At 15:02 02-08-30 +0200, you wrote:
> > >>qorDu'wIj jIH je chequvmoH
> > >>"my family and me, you honor us"
> > >>
> > >>sounds okay. I didn't think about that one.
> > >>Probably because "them" plus "me" is not always "us".
> > >When is them plus me not us?
>At least in German and dutch, "us" only refers to persons, as far as I know.
>This situation:
>Somebody is sitting on the roof, and his computer is right next to him. A
>friend of him is looking for that person. Would the person say "do you see
>us?", talking about the computer and himself?
>I don't know if it's wrong, but somehow it sounds wrong.

You're absolutely right. I sometimes use "we" to refer to me and an object 
such an airplane or a car, but only when I'm personifying the object. That 
usage is very marked.

You'd have to go with  cholegh'a' 'ej De'wI'wIj Dalegh'a'?

And stay with qorDu'wIj jIH je chequvmoH.

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