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Re: tlhIngan Hol lujatlhbogh puq'e'

At 01:41 02-08-31 +0200, lab tulwI'

>so my question is:
>can we assume that every noun in a klingon sentence has a "role"?

Skipping ALL the definitions and names, this by itself is a really 
important concept, so I'm going to answer it for the benefit of those other 
than tulwI'.

The answer is YES.

Every noun in a Klingon sentence has a role.  You can't just put a noun in 
there somewhere because its meaning is relevant.

The noun can be the object of the verb:  _loD_ vIlegh
It can be the subject of the verb: yIt _loD_
It can describe another noun: yIt _tlhIngan_ loD.
It can function as a timestamp _DaHjaj_ yIt loD
It can be part of another clause _may'mo'_ yIt loD

I don't think that will answer tulwI''s question -- I haven't been 
following closely enough to understand tulwI''s question.  But this might 
be useful to someone out there lurking.

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