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Re: two different types of object

At 21:45 02-08-29 -0700, you wrote:
>At 23:44 02-08-29 +0200, Quvar wrote:
>> >How about che- ?
>>qorDu'wIj jIH je chequvmoH
>>"my family and me, you honor us"
>>sounds okay. I didn't think about that one.
>>Probably because "them" plus "me" is not always "us".
>When is them plus me not us?
>I know there are languages that have more than one second person plural, 
>depending on, for example, whether the speaker is including the person 
>addressed, but Klingon has only one second person plural.

Of course I meant to say "first person plural."  I apologize for any 
confusion there.

- Qov

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