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Re: two different types of object

>> mu'tlheghvam vImughnIS: 
>> "You (pl.) honor me and my family"
>> 1. qorDu'wIj jIH je tuquvmoH 
>> 2. qorDu'wIj jIH je boquvmoH

>How about che- ?

qorDu'wIj jIH je chequvmoH
"my family and me, you honor us"

sounds okay. I didn't think about that one.
Probably because "them" plus "me" is not always "us".

Here, this works, but what if the second word is "a thing":
  "Do you see me and this shoe?"
  {waqvam jIH je Dalegh'a'?}
  {jIH waqvam je julegh'a'??}
In this phrase, "you see us" sounds a bit weird, don't it?


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