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Re: Why do type 6s come before type 7s?

>mojaq Seghmey vIQIjmo' lab tulwI':
>>the scope of tkd is to describe correctly spoken klingon. and i want
>>to have descriptions of correctly spoken english. the fact is, that i
>>don't like these descriptions. you do, ok. it's good that we
>>compared. :)

i surely wanted to say "i _don't_ want to have descriptions of 
correctly spoken english".

>One of the points I was trying to make with my English example is 
>that the descriptions are irrelevant.  What is important is that 
>your understanding of the language, regardless of how you express 
>it, results in your producing grammatically correct Klingon.

that is of course most important.

>Describing a language is like describing chess moves.  I say that a 
>bishop can only move diagonally, you say that a bishop can only move 
>in straight lines over squares of the same colour it started on.  I 
>say that a knight moves two along and one to the side, you say a 
>knight moves one to the side and two along.  Someone else doesn't 
>even remember how to describe the moves, just knows which squares it 
>is legal to place the chessman on.  The moves are identical, while 
>we are playing I am unaware of how the other player thinks of the 

a good comparison.

>If your problem with TKD is that you don't UNDERSTAND the 
>description presented, please ask about any aspect and the BG will 
>give you examples.  In many cases we don't know how it works, the 
>written description is all we have.  That is why we are so concerned 
>about the exact descriptions.  We don't want to do anything that is 
>not permitted.

i will try to behave. ;)

>What I strongly suggest, is that instead of posting your 
>re-description of the language, post Klingon sentences based on your 
>description of the language.  If you make a mistake you will be 
>corrected -- using Okrand's description of the language -- and you 
>can refine your own model.

i try to concentrate more on written klingon. (it's also worth 
considering that these grammar talks are very time consuming.)


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