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Re: Why do type 6s come before type 7s?

>lab tulwI'
>>you have the rules in your brain, and therefore you can feel what's 
>>right and wrong. unless you don't give names and rules to what you 
>>feel, you cannot teach the language to someone else, you can only 
>>repeat it and make the other one repeat. this is the natural way of 
>>teaching, and of course it is beautiful and all. the only problem 
>>here is that i am interested in the rules. i want to know them by 
>>name, as to speak. you don't. that's all.
>You want to know the rules, and know them by name, yet you reject 
>the names and the rules that are provided in TKD.  They are the only 
>rules we have!

i want to learn the rules. i just don't have the kd right now!

>In fact, there is something the good speakers have to guard against: 
>we learn the definitions and the rules; we internalize them and 
>forget the verbatim rules and definitions we learned; we restate 
>what we know in the form of a rule or definition in order to help 
>someone else and then we start thinking that our rule takes 
>precedence to the TKD rule, because we use the language.

yes. good speakers could even reformulate the tkd rules in order to 
make it easier to explain the language. (this doesn't mean to 
reformulate tkd.)


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