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patlh <A> qaDmey: not good enough to even be KLBC

DaHjaj vagh patlh <A> qaDmeywIj vIHev.
*England*Daq *Wales*Daq je DuSaQ DIS Qav qaDmey bIH bIHvam'e'.
<'Itlh> mu'vaD qIgh 'oH pIqaD <A>'e'.
patlh <A> Qatlh law', qaD <GCSE> Qatlh puS.
wa' <AEA> qaDwIj vIHev je.
qaD <AEA> Qatlh law', patlh <A> Qatlh puS.
cha' <STEP> qaDmeywIj vIHev je.
*mathematics*vaD qaD 'oH <STEP>'e'.
qaD <STEP> Qatlh law'qu', patlh <A> Qatlh puSqu'.
bIHvam jIloSmo', jISot 'ej jIjotHa'.
bIHvam vIHevDI' jIjotHa'qu': yapbe'.
patlh <A> qaDmey vIQap, 'ej <AEA> qaDvo' <majQa'> vIchav.
'ach Hoch <STEP> qaDmey vIvonlu'.
*Cambridge*Daq 'oH DuSaQ'a' vIwIvta'bogh.
jIbelHa' jay'!
'ach Do' pa' jIHaD neH.
DaH jIbelqu'!
*physics* QeD vIHaD.

DIvI' Hol:
[Most of this was iffyqu', as well as being repetetive. There is too much for me to express. I'm going to have 
to seriously learn some vocab.]
Today [Friday] I received [the results of] my five A-level exams.
In England and Wales these are exams of the final year of school.
The letter 'A' is short for the word 'advanced'.
A-levels are harder than GCSE's.
I also received [the result of] my AEA paper.
AEA's are harder than A-levels.
I also received [the results of] my two STEP's.
STEP's are exams in maths. [Or "in math", for non-English speakers]
STEP's are much harder than A-levels.
Because I was waiting for the results, I was worried and agitated.
When I received the results I was even more agitated: they were not good enough.
I passed my A-levels [four 'A' grades and a 'B'], and I got a distinction in the AEA.
But I failed both of the STEP's.
The university I had chosen is in Cambridge. [Or in fact, *is* Cambridge. There isn't much else there apart 
from the uni.]
I was vituperably unhappy.
Fortunately, it [Cambridge] wants me to study there anyway. [I got a bit stuck on that one. A bit of help, 
Now I am very happy.
I am going to study the science of physics. [Unfortunately, the tlhIngan Hol course required a year in a 
university on Qo'noS, so I was stuck with this.]
'u'wIj vuSmey Del HolwIj vuSmey
 - Ludwig Wittgenstein (almost)

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