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RE: patlh <A> qaDmey: not good enough to even be KLBC

> qaD <GCSE>
> <AEA> qaDwIj
> qaD <AEA>
> <STEP> qaDmeywIj
> qaD <STEP>

Sometimes you put these /noun1 noun2/,
sometimes you put them /noun2 noun1/.

<STEP> qaD
<AEA> qaD
<GCSE> qaD

> bIHvam jIloSmo', jISot 'ej jIjotHa'.

Prefix.  /bIHvam/ is the object of /loS/.
bIHvam vIloSmo' ...

> 'ej <AEA> qaDvo' <majQa'> vIchav.
> and I got a distinction in the AEA.

-vo' refers to physical realm of "from" a place.
Perhaps -mo' would be better.

> 'ach Do' pa' jIHaD neH.
> Fortunately, it [Cambridge] wants me to study there anyway.

The klingon is correct, but when I read it, I read the neH as "only,
That darn /neH/.

The subject line says:
...not good enough to even be KLBC
It may be because I'm tired right now, but this is all I could find wrong.
A little more practice and you will be past KLBC.

DloraH, BG

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