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RE: KLI Compilation / "The KLI's Greatest Hits"

need two things from there.

Install dMC-r9.exe then install dMC-Aux-Input.exe

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|Sent: Friday, 16 August 2002 1:25 AM
|Subject: KLI Compilation / "The KLI's Greatest Hits"
|I have some recordings of songs, etc. from several
|qep'a'mey.  I have meant to work up a KLI compilation tape
|for a while (and I actually got one started a few years ago,
|woo), but I just got a CD burner and I thought CDs might be
|a better alternative if I can make it work.  Question: what
|is the best way to get the recording(s) from cassette tape
|to my computer so that I can burn them onto a disc?  Years
|ago I used to record things from tv to use as event sounds,
|but the quality began to mysteriously degrade as time went
|on, so I eventually gave up.  If anyone has any suggestions
|I will be thankful for the help.

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