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RE: [Klbc] Possesion Nouns

> When using the type 4 endings on nouns, or any other ending, how
> do you use them with joined nouns, such as tlhIngan Hol or jagh nuH

You attach it to the noun that is being possessed, etc.

DujwIj quS pe' - he cut the seat of my plane.
I own the plane.  Sure, the tire is mine too; or maybe I borrowed that part.

Duj quSwIj pe' - he cut my seat of the plane.
The plane is not mine, but I'm claiming the seat.

> Recently I was trying to ask the question, how good is your klingon?
> I came up with this:
> chay' QaQ tlhIngan Hol?
> Where do I put the -lij??

Is it your klingon or your language?  Hmm, or is it your skill of the
klingon language?

Also, the english "how" is used in multiple ways.  I don't think the "how"
in "how good is your klingon" is the same as the /chay'/ "how".

chay' QaQ tlhIngan HollIj?    jIqeqmo' QaQ.
"How is your klingon good?"   "It's good because I practice."

tlhIngan Hol laHlIj yIDel.
"Describe your ability of the klingon language."

tlhIngan Hol DotlhlIj yIper.
"Label your status of the klingon language."

DloraH, BG

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