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Re: adverbials

>  >>...Depending on exactly what you mean by "phrase", anyway.
>ja' Stephan Schneider <> (tulwI'):
>>i think we should use "clause" (because DloraH used it, hopefully for
>>the same thing).
>No, a "clause" has a verb.

ok. can we say that a clause is a cased/wrapped sentence?

>  >>...Many verb suffixes also act in an adverbial sense, and many
>>>subordinate clauses do the same thing, but they're not what The Klingon
>>>Dictionary labels as adverbials.
>>your argument is simply that it's not the terminology of TKD. but TKD
>>is not enough to describe sentences. or as a member of the list said:
>>i whish Maltz had given us more words to discuss klingon grammar.
>mu'mey DaHutlh'a'?  bIbeppa', mu'mey Daghajbogh tIlo'choH jay'.
>-- ghunchu'wI'

mu'mey DaHutlhbe'. jIjItlh puS mu'mey.

jIbep'a'? Dubghach neH vIpoQ.

clause, header, subject, verb, object, sentence, case mu'mey latlh je vIlo'rup.


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