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latlhpu' Qagh

ja' "Sean M. Burke" <>:
>If that were:
>   latlhpu' Qagh tI'angQo'!
>It would, I think, still be a valid expression of the same thing, namely
><NP <N latlhpu' > <N Qagh[plural]>> <VP tI'angQo'>.
>However, if you parsed "Qagh" as a wotHom meaning "...mistaken", then you
>could parse that sentence as "do not reveal the others [who are] mistaken",
><NP <N latlhpu' > <VAdj Qagh>> <VP tI'angQo'>.

If you parsed it that way, you would be making an error.  {Qagh} does not
mean "be mistaken", it means "make a mistake".  It isn't a verb expressing
a quality or condition, and does not act adjectivally.

>So the "mey" on Qaghmey not only signals "this is plural", but also "this
>is a noun!".

In the sentence under considration, {latlhpu' Qagh tI'angQo'}, I see no way
for {Qagh} to be misinterpreted as a verb.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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