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Re: Seans translations

ja' Wolf Anglemyer <>:
>I maybe new to the klingon language I have studied for two years alone and
>new to this group but I think that what San is doing is a great thing for
>some of us.

I'm genuinely curious -- what are you getting out of it?  How is it helping

>From what I have learned Kilngon is a language that is literal a say what
>you mean and mean what you say language ,one that does not beat about the
>bushas it were and from my ears point of view there is nothing ambiguous
>about it .

I don't understand how this applies to the generally cryptic and
acontextual {to' nech} "translations".

>keep up the good work Sean. Deghnegh Qor.

I don't intend this as a flame, but if I thought Sean was doing "good work"
I certainly wouldn't keep finding myself railing against it.  He's doing
work, to be sure, and it's certainly likely that he's learning from the
corrections of some of the grammatical errors he's making.  But in the
process, he's spewed more bad Klingon onto the list in a few days than I've
seen in months, and I see that as a bad thing.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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