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Re: to' nech, 029: {'ay' tu'lu''a'? joj tIqel.}

>>K: 'ay' tu'lu''a'?  joj tIqel.
>>Gloss: Are there sections?  Consider the interstices.
>>Eno/Schmidt: Are there sections? Consider transitions

ja' Voragh:
>I've noticed you like to omit optional plural suffixes.  I do too, when
>it's obvious from context (i.e. numbers or verb prefixes).  Here, though, I
>would use {-mey} since both singular and plural nouns can be used with the
>colloquial {tu'lu'}:
>   'ay'mey tu'lu''a'
>   Are there sections?
>   'ay' tu'lu''a'
>   Is there a section?

That's not quite how Okrand explains it.  The {lu-} prefix on {lutu'lu'} is
*only* left off in casual contexts when the object is explicitly and
unambiguously plural, making the "translation" at the top of this note a
definite error.  Either {'ay'mey} or {lutu'lu''a'} -- or both -- is

-- ghunchu'wI'

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