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RE: need help on translation

ja'ta' voragh:

> You can also combine these verbs:
>    DIr 'InDaj chu' chu' wo'rIv.
>    Worf is playing his new drum.

Oooooooo. So, try translating a description of a person who is produces a 
newspaper dedicated to the news about a special interest group whose focus is 
keeping a permanent record of torpedoes. He is also the investigative reporter, 
feature writer and he delivers it. Without him, the paper wouldn't exist, so in 
effect, he "engages" the newspaper.

"He engages the new situation of the society of the torpedoes' record."

He then reports about a minor mistake in calculation which prematurely enabled 
the warheads on new torpedoes.

"Months ago, an insignificant number engaged the new torpedoes."

cha ta nugh ghu' chu' chu'.

wen cha chu' chu' mI'Hom

[Kudos to voragh for doing a great job of describing how to deal with homonyms.]

> -- 
> Voragh
> Ca'Non Master of the Klingons


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