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RE: need help on translation

ja' Wolf Anglemyer <>:
>thank you for the help. Now I have another question which is the word chu'
>in TKD p83 both words have ' after them . How does one when writing tell

Actually, both words have {'} *in* them.  That symbol is a full-fledged
letter, just like {t} or {p}.

Others have already commented on how context usually resolves the apparent
ambiguity of homophonic words.

ja' Voragh:
>{chu'} "be new" is a quality and can modify nouns...
>{chu'} "to engage, activate, turn on (a device)" is a transitive verb and
>takes an object...
>And there's another one from KGT: {chu'} "play (a musical

I think {chu'} "play (an instrument)" is exactly the same word as {chu'}
"activate (a device)".  We just have two different words to translate it in
English based on whether or not what is being activated is a musical

-- ghunchu'wI'

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